ANOTHER PART OF MY LIFE: George Onyedika Nnadozie

Photo: George O.N & Amala Xtiana in an informal meeting
Photo: George O.N & Amala Xtiana in an informal meeting

I was born in 20th February 1991 at St. Monica’s hospital Onitsha. I was not born with a silver spoon, I was born with a heavenly mandate. My mum told me I was the only child that never disturbed her while in her womb, she told me my only problem was my appetite, I was a food freak right from conception. Today I don’t eat much in public but I still have big appetite…

I started preaching at a very young age. I started going for early morning preaching when I was in Primary Four. It was after I was woked up by a voice that said “go and preach my gospel”. Yet, even as a child-preacher, I was not so good. I had my shortcomings. As a child, I thought I needed to be so good. I was not told that God wants me and my weakness, I was not told that God is not interested in my ability but availability.

From the day I was born I journeyed into a world everyone else has walked. I lived every kind of life everyone else has lived. I wasn’t the best and I wasn’t the worst, many of you were and is better than me. I was just a human being with several weakness. I was brilliant but I wasn’t intelligent, I needed no one to tell me so. People see me as a genius and yet my report card gives a different picture! My classmates doesn’t see me as a dummy, but they don’t expect a wonderful result either. I am freak in writing, I always write on computer or paper. My write-ups are wonderful and inspiring but my exam results were not that way. My writings then were based on my emotions. I write when am in love, sad, happy and all that! I never knew what it was to be the first or the second position in class, I have never maintained a particular position throughout my academics. I am simply not intelligent but I know I am brilliant. Today I am into so many computer works like graphics designing, web designing, video editing and the rest, nobody taught me how! In fact, I started working on them before I met people who could show me very few moves. 90% of what I do as a career today developed on its own. Am never near-perfect in them but am far better than many professionals.

Photo: George & Miracle at an informal meeting
Photo: George & Miracle at an informal meeting

Just like every other male, I have always fallen in love with several people. Some knew it, others never knew because I was not the talking type. Some of the girls I had crush on then are all married now and yet life went on, I thought these were the people I couldn’t live without but I saw myself not living with them for a second and yet I didn’t die. I have learnt that girls may appear flashy and every guy could want them but that is not really love, I know better now. I have known what heartbreak means… you are not alone. I know how you feel when people you love doesn’t feel that same way, I have been in your shoes. I understand when people you love take advantage of your generosity just to dump you and go there way! Lol! I experienced it too… You are not alone! But then, never let your emotions decide how you live your life. When they don’t love you, it means they are not the right people for you…. Rise up and walk away! Craig David said “am walking away from the troubles in my life”… I agree! Tackle your problems and run away from trouble… you don’t tackle trouble by condoning it. It is trouble when you cannot sleep at night because you are thinking and crying of someone who doesn’t care.

Just like many people, I have received so much rejection! Rejection from ladies and gentlemen. I have learnt it is improper to show affection and attention to everybody I came across, but it is important to show love. I am too generous even to a fault. Most times I have helped many strangers and feel like doing more. Yes, many never appreciated it but it doesn’t stop me from continuing because it is my nature. But when I have no resources, I become either hostile or unresponsive. Many have always misunderstood it when I help. The ladies often think I have interest in them and they begin to form some odd behaviours. Most times, I vow never to help but I still see myself in it.

I am highly emotional and passionate about people who are closer to me and 85% of these people never care. I learnt that someone you love mustn’t love you. I also learnt that you should not show much care to people who don’t need it from you. Don’t let them ask for the care, just show them care at a time they will value it. Don’t stand there waiting for them to appreciate you, do it and forget you did it. I have developed feelings for people I met in real life, I have relatedwith couple of persons I met on facebook and other networks… They all appear beautiful but I have learnt that all those things are things that will pass away. You must not love her because she looks good to go out with! Because she looks so sexy on some outfits. In fact, stop loving them and start loving everybody. I learnt it! Just like you, I have cried over heartbreaks and rejections but I have learnt to love God first, love myself second and love everybody third. I have no special love for anybody except for God. I may have a special place for you in my life based on what you’re worth to me but do not be deceived, I don’t love you special and on good days I can please others and displease you. But people who are special are special. Not that my love for them is special… No! It is a special part of my heart that they occupy that makes them special.

Just like so many people, I have stolen money from my parents but I have not remained a thief! Just like any other person I have once stolen somebody’s school fees but I have not remained a criminal. At a point, some people thought I was possessed by a demon. My quietness was suspicious, my noise was suspicious! I have fallen like every other human being but I have always risen! I have promised myself to stop some things I don’t like and yet I keep doing it but I have never given up on myself for one day! I have prayed and felt like there was no answer but I have never stopped praying! I have always been involved in emotional threats but I have not given in to it! I have hoped for miracles without seeing them and I never stopped hoping. I am just like you are, everything you have suffered is not new to me anymore. I have experienced what it was to be rich and poor. I lived in riches earlier in life and also lived in abject poverty later in life but I have never doubt God’s promises concerning my life!

My mates are graduates, yet many of them have not achieved what I was able to achieve. My mates studied in good universities but I am just in National Open University where there is no structures but the surprise is that I spend more than they did! I came out of Secondary school in 2008, 6 years later, I entered the University. My friends, aquaintances and some family members are graduates and almost-graduates. In fact, my youngest sister was in JSS 1 when I left secondary school, I remained at home till she graduated from secondary school. Perhaps, it wasn’t my time. I never looked for admission without getting it! First it was Unilag, Secondly it was OkoPoly…. But I choosed National Open University. My mates are Presidents of nite clubs but to His glory I am the Niger Diocesan President of Young Anglican Crusaders. His grace is at work in my life!

I have learnt to live by the will of God! I am not perfect in that but the little that I have lived out has resulted to a positive development. I have been through all so many things but my reactions to situations has been very mild because I have opened my heart to Jesus. Today I am better than many graduates. Some of my course mates thinks am only on my 2nd degree because I talk and act with so much wisdom. Jesus changed my whole life and changed my whole story. I am just a human being like everyone else before I was transformed to a better man. I did everything you did or even worse! But I was not the best nor the worst, the same applies to you! I was brought up in a strict home. My parents are Christians and they wanted to be one too, the training they gave me built a moral mindset in me, it helped me to avoid some lifestyle but it never changed my nature! Jesus did.

Haven seen that I am just like everyone else, I want you to also take that step of knowing Jesus. I have fallen in and out of love! I have cried over relationships before but today I have a better relationship with God and man. I have been a thief before, I have been a sinner before and yet I have been a preacher right from childhood! Don’t run away from God because you think you are bad, God doesn’t see you that way. There is something good about you, start to develop that area of your life. Jesus can change you and make you completely new but you give him the chance to. I hope from my little life story you are able to grab few lessons._#George