The Mistakes Many Ministers Make (George’s personal thoughts)

I noticed:

Ministers are always not in good terms with other ministers especially those who thinks they are more mature than others. When they hear you preach or read your posts, they will never commend you or encourage you, they will pretend they never saw it. They are only looking out for mistakes you’ll make. When they see you on the road, they puff their head up and walk away. They are usually jealous and envious of you, it is pride and they don’t know they have it. You will only know they exist on your friends list when you post or preach something they don’t agree with, with that slightest opportunity to tell you that they are more mature, they will rebuke you publicly. You can also know they exist when you only talk good about them and their ministry. With the level of hatred and jealousy among Pastors, preachers and ministers of the gospel, there is no mutual respect for the office of each other, there is even unhealthy competition among followers of these people. In this kind of scenario, the words of Jesus is so true “A kingdom divided among itself will not stand”. I seize to be identified as such.