BIBLE & IPAD…. The Misconception. By George Onyedika Nnadozie


Bible and Ipad
Bible and Ipad

The misconception continues…


Someone once asked me when I went to minister in a program “Sir, where is your Bible?”. I showed him my 10.1 inches Pad.

“But Sir” he said “This is not Bible, this is iPad, you need to carry Bible or are you shy of the gospel” I did not reply him, I was marvelled because the person saying this is a Pastor, I expected him to know more.

Now this is my point, before the advent of printing press, the scritpures was orginally written on a scroll! The 10 commandments was written on a stone! Not on a Book called “Holy Book”. No Book is Holy, it is the words inscribed in it that is holy. If the Book where bible was printed on becomes Holy Book, then my iPad is “Holy iPad” because God’s word is inside it. Thank God we call it “Holy Bible” and not “Holy Book”. The Bible in your iPad is as powerful as the one in the paper you are carrying, the Bible in your little phone is as powerful as the one in that large book in the altar of your church. Some sleep with Bible hoping its gonna save them from demonic attack! Forget the nollywood tricks where bible can vomit fire… If the word is not in you, it is useless to you! In my iPad, I have 7 translations of the Bible, I have all my notes and prepared messages there, I have my greek dictionary and english dictionary there, I have even an advantage of the internet where I can make Bible history research! Wow!!!! I also have my Ancient and Modern as an Anglican! Isn’t that better than carrying all the books and discomforting myself simply because I wanna show everyone that I am a Bible fan? When you don’t bear good fruit, even your bible will not make you look good! Carrying bible around in our hands is not the identity of Christians! The rule is this: let the word be written in your hearts (let it be in your thoughts) and in your fingers (be familiar with it)-Proverbs 7:3

The delivery method has changed but the words have not changed. Moses preached from a stone, Jesus and the Apostles preached from scrolls, when the printing press was invented in the Roman Empire by Johannes Gutenberg, around 1440 preaching continued from printed books. The advent of technology makes it more easier, with the invention of iPads and Tablets, the message is still been preached from them! The method of delivery has changed from stone to scroll, from scroll to papers and gradually from Papers to Tablets and iPads… But what is being delivered is the same message! Just like emails and text message is begining to replace letter writting, technology is begining to replace various paper books. I am a student of a university where our textbooks are mostly e-books which must be accessed with iPad and other technologies, where our quiz is done with a computer or iPad, where our exam is also computer based. Yet we are learning the same thing others are learning with even more advantage! The same applies to Bible. So in my school, a student can actually use an iPad to download all his textbooks for the entire levels without necessarily carrying loads of books! It doesn’t make him not to remain a student! The same applies to Christians.

No matter how large your bible is, it doesn’t prove your Christianity. It was not carrying of Bible that brought about the name “Christians”. In Act 11:26, it was the results that caused people to call them Christians (Christ-like) and not carrying of Bible. I am not discouraging people from carrying Bible but we must not quickly assume that it carrying the Bible that makes a Christian! No! It is having the word in you, meditating on it day and night and revealing it to others with power that will really make people say “yes, he is a Christian”. All my life as a student in the university, I have never carried a Bible to school! But my course mates often call me a Christian and some even call me “Pastor” or “Man of God”, that is because of the results they see in my life not because of the book called Bible. The Apostles was not known by carrying scrolls around, they were known by carrying power and extra ordinary anointing which was fueled by the word of God inside them!

George O.N is the current president of The YAC Ministry (Diocese on the Niger), he is a model, a teacher, a writer, a poet, a singer, a leader, a Pastor and still counting. He is committed to reaching out to young youths and he is a young man full of passion for the kingdom of God. George O.N is the founder of GraceLife International, Prayer Mandate Network, Alive Foundations and The Crusaders Outreach Mission.