THE SECRETS OF ENOCH Written by: George O.N

And Enoch walked with God: and God he was not; for God took him.

Throughout the summary of the generations of Adam, a common thing existed alongside their stories. The common thing was that someone gave birth to them, they gave birth to someone and later on, they died! Just only in one instance did the story changed. Enoch chosed to follow a different path! He was born like others but he did not live like others. He choosed to walk the walk of God! Because he walked with God, he walked in the path of life. He did not die, God just took Him! That simply means God has not been taking others.

No wonder, the Psalmist said “even though, I walk through the valleys of shadows of death, I shall fear no evil because thou art with me”. Now, the person you are not walking with cannot be with you. The Psalmist was walking with God and even in the valleys of shadows of death there was no reason to fear death! Like everyone else, Enoch walked on the earth, he went where others went but he went with God! The probelm is not where you went but who went with you! He walked with God and God took him, death did not take him.

Like everyone else, Enoch had a family, he didn’t isolate himself from the world. He walked in the valleys of shadows of death but because he went with God, he did not fear death and death did not take him like it took others. Today, people are still departing the world, some went away with death and God took others! Not everyone who died actually died! God took some. I will shock you now, Moses walked with God but along the line he might have stepped out of the lane and in again. No wonder death wanted to take him but didn’t succeed. Angel Michael had to struggle with the devil over Moses! Of course we know the devil can’t comprehend Michael. Jude 1:9.

Enoch lived a normal life, he had a career, he had a family, he did not isolate himself from the already morally declining world but he choose not to walk where others are walking, he choose not to let others lead him to the way, he choose not to follow the footsteps of the world. He simply walked with God and God was so much in love with that He took him. Same story was told of Elijah in 2Kings 2:11, God took him!

As a musician, writer, model, fashion designer, actress, actor, doctor, lawyer, engineer, pastor, scientist, artist, Comedian and any other thing you are: It doesn’t matter what you have or were chosen to do, it matters whom you have chosen to do it with! As long as God is introduced to your career, you will never get failure because you’ll always be led in the light. You don’t need to isolate yourself for that walk to be possible! Enoch did not stay with God, he walked with Him! It is a walk! The walk continues in your everyday life. You may do what others do, you may be the same Bank Manager others were, you may be the same Doctor others were, you may be whatever other people also were but there is one thing that differentiates you from them! It is who you are walking with! When you walk with Him, you’ll end up living with Him.
This is how you must end: either death takes you or God takes you! It all depends on your choice!

About the Author
George O.N is a model, a preacher, a teacher, a singer, a writer and still counting. He is currently the president of the YAC ministry and the founder of GraceLife International and Alive Foundations. He believes so much on God’s grace as the good news.