A WORD IN THE ARCTIC by George Onyedika Nnadozie

A Word in the Arctic

If Martin could have guessed right, he’d have discovered that the last person he expected to see right there in the room passing judgment on a pack of pizza and large bottle of stout he ordered few minutes ago from the stores. Though Martin has never tried the combination, the look on Ken’s face showed he was either enjoying it or pretending to.

“And who ever told you this is where I live?” Martin asked doing his best to gain control over his fears “and when did I become Charity who feeds the…. strangers?”

“You never can tell… How far Ken can go to get his enemies” the young devil smiled gulping down more of the stout.

“Whatever… At least courtesy demands due process. You’ve committed a crime and that is enough to sue you. Am sure you know better!” Martin threatened

“You and I know that prison does not hold me much longer… The court has been my customer for years. At least, am not gonna be bound till the last days” Ken smiled gulping down more and more.

Flashback to few years ago: Martins met Ken at the artist shop where he went to pick up some designs for his new apartment. He had noticed some sores on Ken’s body and it was still fresh, Ken was just sitting outside the thresholds of the artist shop.
“Mr… It seems you have a serious problem?” Martin asked out of pity also observing how unkempt the man was looking

“Yea, I was thrown out of home out of envy” Ken smiled sadly

“Why?” Martin asked, he was curious and didn’t know why he was suddenly picking interest “Who could throw you outta home?”

“I have mystical powers to always transform every home from bad to good. As a result, King Williams who happens to be my brother felt that people were beginning to like me more than him and he threw me out. I was banished from Port MacAulay” Ken told him avoiding the looks Martins was dashing at him.

“Wow! How come that power couldn’t transform you? And how come no one ever knew the King of Port MacAulay have a brother?” Martin asked.

“Well, until I am accepted in any home, the power is dormant. I only become valid to those who takes care of me” Ken revealed

Martins had taken Ken home to his family. They all loved Ken and gave him just all of the Arctic. Although Martin had to do a lot of works in the Arctic before finally moving Ken in, he also made sure comfort was not avoided. He had talked with his wife about Ken and she had accepted having Ken stay but only in the Arctic. Martin actually wanted all of Ken’s goodness; he actually wanted that Mystic power to transform his own home to heaven. But for months, the transformation still seemed unnoticed. Each time he wants to re-think on taking care of Ken he would hear Ken’s voice echo “…I only become valid to those who takes care of me”. At that, he would try to increase his budget on Ken’s welfare. At a point, Martins three kids all died in Motor accident. Florence, who had began to doubt Ken’s ability also began to suffer from ailments that doctors wouldn’t diagnose. Martins could not just bear it again; he decided to formally write Ken a quit notice. He could go up to the Arctic and talk to Ken, but he wanted to be very polite and mature. After few days, Ken had not replied the letter; in fact he became freer in the house as Florence continued to pass out while her husband continued to go down emotionally.

Martins had stopped releasing funds for Ken’s upkeep and yet Ken was living fine. At a point, Ken claimed all the rooms in the house except that of Martins and his wife. Martin had to confront him when he discovered Ken had started making use of almost all the stuffs in the house

“Mr. Ken. I think I have respected you enough and have even taken care of you for some years now. Instead of getting the promised positive transformation, I am getting nothing but failures and sad news!” He sighed and continued “I have also given you enough time to quit the Arctic and go back to the streets but you seem to have stubbornly turned into other properties of this family. I may therefore have to use force on you if you don’t vacate my house right now”

“Martin” Ken replied “When I have the Arctic, I have the whole house! Just a little space for me is also the whole space for me. The house belongs to me, you belong to me, your wife’s life is in my palms and your crumbling career is in my hands too! We all have our own definition of ‘good’. Anything that favours me is good! Anything that disfavour I is bad.”

“Awwwww!!!!” Martin growled angrily “Just because I gave you a little space in my home? See, I am not going to waste time in pushing you out! You are a mad man!”

“Hahahahaha… Let’s see who runs mad!” Ken laughed

“No wonder! You are a pathetic liar! I hate you! I knew it, that the King of Port MacAulay has no brother… I only thought you really had those mystic powers”

Even after ransacking his home, Martins couldn’t find the slightest clue to where his documents were! Does that mean he has actually lost everything? “Ken is behind this” he thought. Florence has been moved to even a smaller hospital because the available funds are not able to foot the hospital bills. Martins had sued Ken to court but because he couldn’t provide any proof of ownership, the court ruled in Ken’s favour. More to his surprise, Ken had the correct documents credited to himself “next time we go to court, you’ll be leaving the house!”. That Ken has been pronounced the owner of the house was not Martins biggest problem but the court has ordered him to sign ‘Ken’s terms and conditions’ if he was to continue living in that house with Ken. There were few words Martins couldn’t forget, the judges voice continued to echo in his ears “as long as you are under the care of your landlord, Mr. Ken. You’ll continue to be subject to him, you’ll continue to adhere strictly to the rules”. So far, Martin had realized this was a battle and he couldn’t just figure out how it all started.


The Doctor had told him his was wife was going to pass out in 48hrs “it seems her life is tied somewhere and we just can’t figure out what the problem is… to the best of our knowledge, she is going to die in 48hrs. We’ve tried our best to assist her with life supports but we can’t do more” Doctor Myles had said. His lawyer had also called in to inform him with bad news “Mr. Martin, throughout my practice as a professional lawyer, I have never gotten involved in this kind of case. Throughout my practice as a lawyer, I have not been involved in a sophisticated case with such a mysterious being that I have not seen reasons to call a man. I think you’ll not need mere powers in tackling these issues. It has gone beyond the fight of men; this is rather a fight of the gods!”

Sitting right beside his dying wife, his thoughts seem to wander from one thing the other. He remembered how it all started, he remembered how happy his family used to be even before he met Ken and he wished it had all turned out good. He was slowly beginning to give up; he was slowly beginning to decide giving up that house and even giving up entirely. “It’s over! Am gonna throw in the towel. At least, I will be better in the streets than in that house with Ken as my master”

“Don’t throw in the towel yet” a voice said from behind, the voice was calm and nice, Martin felt it was just his imaginations playing pranks on him! If his lawyer could give up, who else couldn’t give up? He didn’t want to turn his back and look at the man talking from behind; he has made up his mind “Mr. Martin. I have come to save you from this mess. You’ll have to trust me, don’t throw in the towel”

“And who are you?” Martins asked still not looking back “Who are you? What do you think you can do? I lost my kids, I lost my home, I am losing my wife in two days… and you are asking me to keep forging ahead? You must be insane”

“Mr. Martin. I am Dr. Josh. I am a doctor and at the same time, I am the only one who has the power to banish Ken! I am his worst nightmare! I am the only problem he has. Give me that chance to proof it. Once he is banished, you’ll have your life back!” Dr. Josh told him

Martins turned to look at him. His face was glowing like the sun, his apparel was sparkling clean and his teeth shone like stars when he smiles! The aura of his presence alone was glorious and Martins wondered what was happening to him!

“Dr. Josh… are you also a lawyer? How can you reverse the court case?” Martins asked not looking straight to his eyes. He noticed Josh was always smiling; it seemed his faced was formed that way, the smile alone brought arrays of hope to Martins but he was still confused

“How did you know that? I am the only one certified to judge even the Judge. I only work with permission. Will you accept my assistance?”

“Yes, I do”

Martins had led him through the back gate; his heart was skipping some beat. As they neared the house he was beginning to doubt if the gentle man can actually banish that fierce looking man from his home

“Martins, am so sure what is going on your mind right now. But before we walk in there, you must have to believe else I cannot function. You must believe in me before I do anything!” Dr. Josh warned “Like I said before, I don’t work without permission and trust”

“Hmmm” Martins thought, the man was talking with all confidence and Martins had no reason not to believe him. He felt strength all over Josh and he gave up his fears “Sir, I believe.”

As they walked into the large house, they met Ken playing one of the video games that used to belong to Martin’s kids; he was enjoying himself with a pack of pizza beside him. He could play, sing and eat at same time. It was Josh’s surprising entrance that shocked him. Martins noticed that without even looking back Ken knew someone entered and he seemed to be familiar with the steps of Josh

“Have you come again to disturb my peace? Have you come again? Josh, why are you keen on destroying me?” Ken cried out

“I have come! You can now leave this home! I have come to restore it!” with just this few words of Josh, Ken zoomed out

“What of his properties sir?” the surprised Martins asked
“He owns nothing!”
“Oh! Thank you Sir!” Martins rejoiced “But Sir, what’s your pay?”

“It is either you hand everything over to me and become my subject or I leave you in peace. Your wife is on her way back!” Dr. Josh told him.

Martins felt so bad, he was just going to be recovering from Ken’s colonization and it seemed another stronger colony is going to surface. He didn’t even want to think about it, all he needed was his freedom, all he needed was just to recover from what he went through and it seemed some forces were not happy with him. To him Josh’s colony could even mean worse because he seemed to be stronger. At least, now he had the opportunity to decide if he’ll have to be subject to anyone he is going to make a better choice.

“Sir…..” he stammered “I appreciate your kindness, I appreciate your love and support, I appreciate everything and I can go an extent to prove to you how grateful I am. But sir, I can’t allow you rule over me”

“Hope you know my yoke isn’t as tough as that of Ken?” Dr. Josh smiled

“Sir, I don’t really know. For now, I want to rest… I want to be free!” Martins replied

“I am going to leave you now. But always remember, no man is free!” with that strong statement, Josh smiled and walked out of the house.

Back to present: Martins couldn’t believe Ken really came back to the house, he thought fear couldn’t just let him to but he was just mistaken. In a flash, Florence came to his mind “Oh my God! Where is my wife? She is pregnant and I don’t want anything to happen to her!”

“She missed death the other time… She’s not going to miss it now! Now, my wrath is doubled! Am going to make sure she doesn’t see the light of the day” Ken said

“Mr. Ken…. Am going to look for Josh right away! At least, now I know what can destroy you!” Martins had threatened him but he wasn’t wise enough to have spoken it out, he wasn’t wise enough to have known what is next!

“You can only get Josh if I give you the chance! Before you find him, death will find you! I came back double! Hahaha!!!” Ken laughed wickedly.

“What do you mean?” Martins asked, this time fear was written all over his face, he never knew life could get to this stage

“Look around and see what I mean Mr. Martins” Ken told him as he laughed “I told you!!! I came back double”

Martins looked around, what he saw shocked him! He was surrounded by seven men who were identical to Ken, they all had ropes and weapons and they indeed looked destructive, he wanted to shout but he couldn’t, he wanted to cry but he couldn’t… He just knew the end has come!

“Go and lock him up in the Arctic! Tomorrow morning, we will get rid of him, his wife and the little thing in her womb!” Ken ordered them

Right there in the Arctic, it was dark. Martins couldn’t see his wife but he could hear her moan! The whole place smelled as rats and cockroaches played on Martin’s body. Ken had turned the arctic into a mess before throwing them there. Martin could hear merriments and music playing down in his house, he could hear cheers and toasts of bottles and he grew so bitter in his heart!

“Martin?” Florence called, “is that you?”

“Yes honey… I am so sorry, but I can’t save you. My hands are tied. I can’t even see you! The rats are biting my legs. I too, am helpless” Martins cried

“I heard we are going to die in the morning” Florence sobbed

“Sweetheart… Forgive me, it’s all my fault” Martins told her

“No… we are dying together, we are into this together. It is not your fault. I am so sure you did your best” Florence said amidst sob and sneeze

“Flo dear…. I did not do my best. I trusted Josh could save us but I didn’t trust him enough to hand everything over to him. At least, he could have been very fair to us. He was a nice man and he is full of love! I just couldn’t give him everything including ourselves.” Martin revealed
“If he could save us then, he couldn’t have been wicked even if we handed everything over to him. Perhaps, he wanted an opportunity to protect us from Ken….” Florence said “I feel he can still save us now… I just have that feeling”

Florence sudden courage also brought a little relief to Martins “the shocking thing is that a word from him was enough to banish Ken… I believe one word from him can save us from the Arctic!” with a sudden courage born out of faith, Martins gave a loud shout “Dr. Josh, I know you can hear me! I believe and trust your strength! I accept your lordship forever! Come and save us!!!”

In a second, the arctic began to shake; it seemed there was an earthquake. The windows that had opened on its own, the air was fresh and crisp! It was a breeze of hope and the couples couldn’t behold the light that flooded everywhere!

“Whoever I set free is free indeed!” a commanding voice said from behind, as the couples raised their heads for they had hidden it from the light they couldn’t behold, they saw Josh, he was smiling at them.

More strange, after the light had gradually reduced for them to be able to see, they discovered the Arctic has been transformed to a Kings Palace, the chains on their hands has been broken and they momentarily forgot something deadly was about to happen before the deliverance.

“Sir, what about Ken?” Florence spoke out
“Dear, you are free from him! As long as I remain with you, he cannot come near! When light shines in darkness, light will prevail and darkness must be subdued!” Dr. Josh revealed

“Dr… I am ready to sign the terms! We will remain your subjects” Martins hurriedly said! He didn’t want to miss it this time for the fear of Ken overcoming them again.

“This house is under my protection! There are no terms to sign. My own yoke is lighter! I have come to make it even easier! I have come to make you a king! That is what you remain as long as I abide with you” Dr. Josh said as he beckoned on them to come near. They rose on their feet and walked to him! “Just a word in the Arctic and the devil is gone!”

George O.N is the current president of The YAC Ministry (Diocese on the Niger), he is a model, a teacher, a writer, a poet, a singer, a leader, a Pastor and still counting. He is committed to reaching out to young youths and he is a young man full of passion for the kingdom of God. George O.N is the founder of GraceLife International, Prayer Mandate Network, Alive Foundations and The Crusaders Outreach Mission.

All Rights Reserved (c) 2015. George O.N